Success Stories

"Living in London can be lonely so when I started chatting to Paul online and found we had loads in common I couldn’t wait to meet him. Paul and I are kindred spirits but we live on opposite sides of the city so I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t joined London Dating we’d never have met."

Paul and Helen met on London Dating

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London Dating Success Stories

Sian and Jonathan

"I met Sian online after being with London Dating for three or four months. She reminded me of Catherine Zeta Jones and it turned out she was Welsh. Well, so was my gran so that gave us something to talk about straight away. We dated for a few weeks and then we went for the dreaded parental visit. It turned out that my gran lived just up the road from her mum and dad. Our incredible coincidence really broke the ice with Sian’s family and since then they’ve welcomed me to Wales on more than one occasion!"

Met on London Dating and together 9 months

Success Story

Lorna and Steve

"When I moved up to London I thought that life would be very exciting for me, that I’d meet lots of girls and be at parties all the time. But in the end I ended up living a long way from work and was commuting for two hours a day! I didn’t have too much time to squeeze in for a social life so I went online to look for someone who wanted a boyfriend with a busy schedule. Luckily I met Lorna, who also commutes for two hours or so. She totally understood, she’s into her career too, but lately, we have been talking about moving in together and maybe changing jobs so we’re closer to home."

Met on London Dating and together 7 months

Success Story

Sue and Jake

"I was a huge fan of the London club scene for many years but when I started to enjoy late nights and loud music less I suddenly found myself single with nowhere to go to find decent men. I joined London Dating and was chatting to Jake within a day. He shares my busy lifestyle but when we do spend time together we really make the most of it, we’re perfect for each other!"

Met on London Dating and together 5 months

Success Story